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Welcome to the Bautista Creek Counseling Page!
Bautista Creek has two wonderful Counselors, that are here to help students to be successful academically, emotionally and socially. 
In the tabs on this page, you will find how to request to see the counselor, check out the counseling website, be up to date with events happening on campus and have access to wonderful resources for your student. 
Have fun exploring! 
If you would like to schedule a one-one time for your student with the counselor, fill out the counselor referral form 
Did you know that the Counselors have a Google Classroom for each grade level?
Below are the class codes are each grade level: 
1st: nq3aki5
2nd: vjygnf2
3rd: scpljgt
4th: mqyclgx
5th: cm2uqxw