National Stop Bullying Week Next Week

In recognition of National Stop Bullying Day on October 10th, the Bautista Creek PTO and MTSS team will be sponsoring an anti-bullying assembly that is both fun and educational. 

Through COMEDY, MAGIC, and a bit of MAYHEM, your students will learn…

  • The difference between friendly Joking and not-so-friendly Taunting
  • How gossip works and why it’s such a monster
  • When’s a good time to “Tell” and when it’s simply “Tattling”
  • How to be a good “Upstander” (not just a bystander)
  • When and how to use assertive words to repel the bully
  • How to keep their own self-respect, even when things go badly, and…
  • How we can all work together to prevent this problem!