Bautista Creek's New Principal

Bautista Creek Elementary School welcomed its new Principal at the beginning of this school year. Mr. Greg Giroux, former Assistant Principal for Bautista Creek, was promoted to Principal after Dr. Kristi Watson became Hemet Elementary School’s Principal.

Giroux has been in education over 14 years and knows this is where he is supposed to be. Growing up he had a few ideas of what he could do, but found himself searching for what he was passionate about. After being a volleyball coach for a summer camp, he found his love of teaching. Greg quit his job as a sales representative and went back to school to get his credentials at California State University San Bernardino.

Giroux said he will always have an attachment to the classroom, but is happy his new position allows him to positively affect more students. This year, he is working on building upon his existing relationships with staff and working collaboratively as a team to better support students. He is excited to use their time together to discuss student results, programs currently in place, and gain a better understanding of what students at Bautista Creek need.

Mr. Giroux said he is excited with the energy and enthusiasm of his team. He considers himself a good listener and wants to be as transparent as possible with his staff. He encourages them to ask questions and work together so they can think of new ways to get students excited to learn. He knows that being a new Principal can be a challenge, and encourages his staff to embrace the change as they discuss and implement change on behalf of their students.

Giroux said his focus for student success does not end when he leaves work, but applies his focus of learning onto his two daughters. Over the summer, he and his wife took their two daughters on a college tour to Yale and Harvard to excite their children about the possibility of furthering their education. He said his education has made the life that he leads possible and wants the same opportunities for not only his children, but for his students as well.

Congratulations Mr. Greg Giroux on your promotion as Principal of Bautista Creek Elementary School. We are excited for what your first school year will bring and the support you and your team will provide to the students on your campus.